RU2015 Video Blu Ray DVD

RU2015 Video Blu Ray DVD

Dear all,

It seems to take a long time to have a DVD completed.  We all understand that our DVD is different from others.  I had to select and choose the videos and pictures and organize them.  Editing takes time too.  
Please forward this email or inform other friends who are not included in my mailing list.

It is a Blu Ray DVD, 44 chapters (easy to skip from one chapter to another) and 3 hours and 23 minutes long.  It consists of mostly videos and a slideshow at the end.
It costs $25.00 a copy including postage and handling.
If you like to have a copy please send a check to me at my address below.

Kong Tao
13900 Fallbrook Court
Apple Valley, MN 55124

I hope you like this little piece of memory.




Dear Friends,

As previously informed, the Khmer Navy Veterans Reunion (RU2018) had been tentatively scheduled to take place on 8/18/18 in the Pacific Northwest.   Today, it is my pleasure to inform you that this date of 8/18/18 has now been confirmed by the Hilton Hotels & Resorts.  Enclosed, you will find the RU2018 Registration Form.  Please complete and return it to me at your convenience.  However, it is desirable that I receive your response by August 18, 2017.  Your early completion and submission with an appropriate payment will help toward the 30% down payment required by the Hilton to secure the Ballroom, foods and refreshments.

This announcement, along with the detailed information, is currently posted in as well.  Thank you, Baron You, for making a remarkable facelift to this Khmer Navy website.

While working with mailing labels, I noticed few home addresses may be obsolete or incorrect.  Therefore, I deeply rely on you and request that you help me in spreading the news regarding the RU2018.

I look forward to seeing you at the RU2018 event.


Nicitha You


Seeking Film Stories and Volunteers

Seeking Film Stories and Volunteers


The RU2018 Film and Photo Committee is looking to find people who would be interested in participating either as a spotlight guest in a proposed film centered on one's experience serving in the Khmer Navy. Also, we are seeking committee members to assist in the making of said films and photos. So far, we have two volunteers and very limited resources in photo/video equipment.

For those interested in contributing to the short film(s), we'd love the opportunity to visually capture your story as best as we know how. Please send a message to us with additional details so that we may stay in touch and explore some of your insights.