PHOTO: Gau Yimsan receiving the late Admiral Sabbagh’s sword --surrounded by friends of his graduating class Promotion 67, all retired admirals in the French Navy and by the son of late Admiral Sabbagh, Yves Sabbagh, also holding the sword.

Dr. Gau Yimsan, former Khmer Navy Lieutenant Commander, received the late Admiral Sabbagh’s sword at a ceremony in the office of l'AEN (Association des Anciens Elѐves de l'Ecole Navale) in Paris on October 19, 2012. The ceremony was organized by the French Naval Academy graduating class Promotion 67. Gau Yimsan left his sword in Cambodia when he came to the US in March 1974. Admiral Sabbagh was the Commanding Officer at the French Naval Academy when Gau Yimsan attended it in 1967-1969.

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