Reference: Floral arrangement (funeral wreath) for a funeral of a former Khmer Navy personnel and immediate family (nationwide).

As we all had been aware that shortly after RU2000, a lot of former Khmer Navy personnel in southern California had unanimously adopted to create a group called "Khmer Navy Personnel and Families Group of Southern California - KNF group of So. CAL", headed by one of our ex-senior officers - Mr Khuon Vandy. In an effort to strengthen our relationship, the group had decided to promote a culture to communicate and share the last moment of grief and sadness among ourselves.

Whenever there is a death of either a former Khmer Navy personnel, or spouse, or parents and parents-in-law, or children, the news will be communicated and disseminated to all former Khmer Navy personnel electronically and by mail. A floral arrangement (funeral wreath) bearing the logo "Former Khmer Navy" or the like would be presented at the funeral to express our deepest sympathy and condolences and to share the moment of grief and sadness with the family of the decease. If possible, a speech will be given by a former Khmer Navy personnel representative.

This culture, initially contained in southern California only, has, so far, benefited us all very well as a whole. On May 28th, 2006, this wonderful culture was adopted to spread not just through out California, but, nationwide as well. To sustain and preserve this wonderful culture among ourselves, the KNF group would like to solicit your strong support and involvement by initially sponsoring a one-time seed fund solely for this purpose (a minimum of $50.00). The group will try to find ways to replenish the fund in the future. Two treasurers - Mr. Peter Kuoch and Mr. Kirirath Mam, will be handling this fund. An updated list of sponsors/donors and a semi-annual fund activities report (expense/income) will be disseminated within the group. Please bear in mind that this culture will benefit us all as a whole and not individually. It will not survive without your strong support and involvement. Please help preserve this wonderful culture by sending your donation/contribution to:

Peter Kuoch - 2800 Water Course Drive, Diamond Bar, CA 91765

(Please note that any personal donation, directly made to the family of the decease during a funeral, will not be constituted as part of this funeral wreath donation.)

For your information, this culture has entered its fifth year, now, and has well served its purposes. We hope to further strengthen and harden our bond by spreading this wonderful culture nationwide. We sincerely welcome all forms of suggestions and comments to make this culture prevail among our former Khmer Navy group. Please, do not hesitate to let them be heard.

Sincerely Yours.

Khuon Vandy
KNF Group of So. CAL.