January 17, 2017

Dear colleagues, friends and families

In the past, Khmer Navy Veteran Reunions have taken place in various locations including Long Beach (2000), Dallas (2004), Los Angeles (2008), Homestead (2012), and Minneapolis (2015). With our families and friends by our side, those remarkable events brought us together to celebrate, revive, and beautify our ongoing friendships.

In 2018, Veterans of the Khmer Navy, along with their families and friends, will reunite in Vancouver, Washington/Portland, Oregon of the Pacific Northwest to celebrate the RU2018. You may explore the beautiful Pacific Northwest via http://www.gonorthwest.com/

The RU2018 get-together is tentatively scheduled for the weekend of 8/18/18. Beginning in January 2018, we will intensify our discussions via monthly conference calls to better serve participants and work towards making this event another successful one. The success of RU2018 tremendously relies on your attendance, help, and generosity. As you know, the event’s expenses including foods, drinks, and entertainment can be costly. The traditional fee of $100 per participant has not been increased since our first Reunion in year 2000. In order to keep maintaining this low-cost per person fee, we need your help. We greatly appreciate your donation in whatever amount you can afford to defray expenses. My solicitations are intended for all friends and families. You do not have to be a Khmer Navy Veteran in order to donate monies and/or volunteer your time to serve in various committees and help organize this upcoming RU2018. Unless a request to “remain anonymous” is received, a donations list with names of donors will be posted on our Khmer Navy website (http://khmernavy.com/).

I personally pledge to contribute $5,000 to the RU2018.

If you wish to serve various committees and/or make money contributions to the RU2018, please contact me, Nicitha You via my email address at: you_nicitha@msn.com and/or home address at: 15822 NE 19th Street, Vancouver, WA 98684.

Please visit http://khmernavy.com/ for any updates regarding RU2018.

The RU2018 may seem like a long time away from now. However, I look forward to hearing from you soon and thank you for your support.

Best regards,

Nicitha You