PHOTO: RU2015 Picnic, Wat Munisotaram, Hampton, MN, Sunday August 23, 2015. At the RU2015 Picnic Meeting, Oregon-Washington agreed to host the RU2018.

October 22, 2015

Hello FKN Friends,

It may be a little early sending this RU2018 Attendance Request/Survey announcement to you.  However, your response is essential for us to better plan for our next 3-year reunion.  The event is tentatively scheduled to take place on August 17th - August 19th 2018.  We are trying to find the hotel/resort that could let us use their facility for the grand banquet on 8/18/18.  However, 8/18/18 seems to be a very unique date, and few hotels/resorts already indicated that this date was not available.  Some informed us that they would not take any reservations for a date that is longer than one-year time period away.  Therefore, please be flexible with the dates of the event.  If we cannot have 8/18/18 as tentatively scheduled, the alternative Saturday would be 8/4/18, 8/11/18, or 8/25/18.

Please complete and submit the Attendance Request Form to by November 30, 2015. Or if you prefer, online Form located here.


Nicitha You